Terms and conditions Expedition




By submitting documents and/or goods to be sent by JNE, the sender is deemed to have received and agree to all the terms and conditions that become the JNE Standard Shipping Terms as follows: referred to below (hereinafter referred to as SSP):


1.1 PT. Tiki Lintas Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) is a company whose one of its activities is to provide delivery services for documents and/or goods.

1.2 Cash Basis is a payment system for Delivery Services that applies at the beginning of providing Delivery Services.

1.3 Consignment Note, hereinafter referred to as Connote, is a proof of transaction and payment.

1.4 Consignments are documents and/or goods sent by the Sender via JNE.

1.5 Sender is a user of JNE services for delivery of goods or documents that have ownership rights to the Shipment as long as the Shipment has not been submitted to the Recipient.

1.6 Recipient is the party receiving the Submission from the Sender.

1.7 Postpaid is a payment system that applies at the end of each month of providing Delivery Services.

1.8 Delivery Service is a delivery service/delivery of documents and/or goods carried out by JNE at the request of the Sender.

1.9 Standard Shipping Terms or “SSP” are standard terms that are binding and form part of which is inseparable from the Agreement between JNE and the Sender.

1.10 Force Majeure is the condition as referred to in Point 10.

1.11 Calendar Days are Mondays to Sundays throughout the year, including holidays and National holiday.

1.12 Business Day is a day, other than Saturday, Sunday or a national holiday in Indonesia, when a commercial bank is open for public business in Jakarta.

1.13 Shipping Rates are fees paid by the Sender for Shipping Services (including taxes) set by JNE as stated on the official JNE website page or other media determined by JNE.

2.Conditions About Standard Shipping Terms

2.1.All transactions in connection with the Delivery Service are carried out under the terms and conditions regulated in this SSP and the applicable Standard Operating Procedure.

2.2. JNE Delivery Service consists of:

2.2.1 Delivery Service based on payment system. JNE Delivery Service based on the payment system is divided into: Basic Cash Delivery Service and Postpaid Delivery Service.

2.2.2 Delivery Service based on delivery period. JNE Delivery Service is based on the delivery period in accordance with the standards set by JNE.

2.3.Delivery Service based on the delivery period will be subject to the distance, availability and support facilities from the place of origin of the shipment to the place of destination of delivery.

2.4. Other provisions that have not been regulated in this SSP, will be made and regulated in a separate written agreement.

3. Shipping Method

3.1 Delivery Service can be done through the JNE delivery office or JNE agent or by pick-up at the Sender's place on Calendar Days subject to the operating hours of the JNE office and delivery agent.

3.2JNE has the right to transport documents and/or goods to be sent through the channels, methods, procedures and network of agents owned by JNE.

3.3 Every submission that has been made by JNE will be proven by Connote.

4.Delivery Check

4.1.In making deliveries, JNE has the right to:

4.1.1 Checking the suitability between the contents of the Submission with the information submitted by the Sender regarding the contents of the Submission.

4.1.2 Inspecting and assessing the suitability of the shipment's packaging.

4.1.3 Rejecting Shipments assessed by JNE as not having proper packaging in accordance with JNE's standard policies and applicable laws and regulations.

4.1.4 Reject Submission which does not match the statement of the content of the Submission with the physical content of the Submission.

4.2.JNE is not responsible for the content of the shipment that does not match the information provided by the sender, including Submissions that are prohibited or violate laws and regulations, Submissions obtained and/or used for unlawful purposes.

4.3. The Shipper is responsible for the safe packaging of the Shipment in accordance with applicable safety standards.

4.4. The sender is required to include complete and correct information on the sender's and receiver's data on the package of shipments (name, address, city, sub-district, kelurahan, postal code and telephone number).

4.5. The sender and JNE agree that if there is a loss due to loss and/or damage while the shipment is in the custody of the Customs or other competent authorities, this is solely the responsibility of the sender. In this regard, the Sender hereby releases JNE from responsibility for the loss.

4.6. The sender releases JNE in the event of delay, loss, damage and/or costs arising from the negligence and error of the Sender in fulfilling his obligations above.

5. Banned Posts

5.1. JNE does not accept prohibited shipments as regulated in this SSP, unless specifically regulated and separate from this SSP.

5.2.JNE does not accept and has the right to refuse to make shipments of consignments that are prohibited under the provisions of JNE and the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia, such as: dangerous goods that are explosive or burning, narcotics, psychotropic substances, firearms, sharp weapons, gold, stamps, stolen goods, cheques, bilyet giro, cash, money orders, traveler's checks, objects that violate decency and/or other goods according to legislation is declared as prohibited goods.

5.3. The sender indemnifies JNE in the event of loss and/or costs incurred including lawsuits, which are caused due to the negligence and error of the Sender arising from not complying with the provisions in points 5.1 and 5.2.

5.4.JNE reserves the right to take steps it deems necessary, as soon as it becomes aware of any violation of this point.

6. Ship Ownership Guarantee

6.1 The Sender guarantees that the Sender is the rightful owner and/or authorized to the Shipment submitted to JNE.

6.2 The sender guarantees that the Shipments submitted to JNE are not included in the prohibited shipments as referred to in point 5.

6.3 The sender releases JNE from any claim by any party for violation of the guarantee of ownership of the Shipment.

7. Tariff JNE has the right to charge Shipping Rates for Shipping Services.


8.1. Goods or documents that have a price/value above 10 (ten) times the shipping cost are recommended to be insured by the Sender.

8.2. The calculation of the premium value and claims for goods or documents sent are regulated separately from this SSP.

8.3. Insurance is only provided by JNE based on instructions from the Sender to JNE in writing.

9. Indemnity

9.1. JNE is responsible for compensating for losses suffered by the sender due to delay, damage, loss or error in the delivery of the Shipment arising from JNE's negligence.

9.2. Without prejudice to other provisions regulated in the SSP, JNE is not responsible for the loss of consequences arising from the events mentioned above, which include and without being limited to commercial, financial and other indirect losses including losses incurred in transportation or delivery caused by things that beyond JNE's control or other indirect losses, including damage due to force majeure and other causes that occur beyond JNE's ability.

9.3. Guarantee for compensation for damage, loss or error in the delivery of Shipments that are proven as a result of JNE's negligence and error, a maximum of 10 (ten) times the Shipping Rate for domestic shipments or a maximum of 100 USD for International shipments except for insured shipments.

9.4. Guaranteed compensation for delays in shipments can only be given to users of YES and/or Super Speed services.

9.5. The guarantee for providing compensation for delays in shipments using YES and/or Super Speed services in the delivery of consignments that are proven as a result of JNE's negligence and error is in the form of returning the Shipping Rates to the Sender.

10. Force Majeure

10.1.For the purposes of this SSP, force majeure means any event, condition/condition, or event that occurs beyond JNE's ability, power, or reasonable control and is not caused by the fault of the said Party, and such event, condition/condition or event hinders, hinders , or delaying JNE in carrying out its obligations to carry out Delivery Services. Force majeure events include but are not limited to the following natural disasters, such as floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes or lightning, rebellions, riots, wars (whether declared or not) , or military action, fire, embargo, strike, sabotage, unavailability of electric power, disruption to telecommunications networks and/or the issuance of a decision, policy, regulation, or the implementation of an action, by the competent authority that hinders, hinders, or directly delays the implementation obligations of a Party under this Agreement.

10.2. In the event of such force majeure event, JNE will notify the Sender in writing of the occurrence of such force majeure and in every case, as long as JNE is able to do so, use its best efforts to eliminate or rectify the cause of the situation reasonably as soon as possible.

11. Claim Procedure

11.1 Claims on Submissions may only be made by the Sender.

11.2 Submission of claims follows all the provisions regulated by JNE including but not limited to the documents required in filing a claim.

11.3 The maximum time limit for submitting a claim is no later than 14 (fourteen) Calendar Days from the time the Submission is supposed to be received.

11.4 The submission of a claim will not be processed if it exceeds 14 (fourteen) Calendar Days from the time the Submission is supposed to be received.

12. Law and Settlement

Settlement of Disputes over Delivery Service and SSP is resolved through the District Court in West Jakarta

13. Miscellaneous

JNE is a registered member of the IATA Association (International Air Transport Association), ASPERINDO (Association of Indonesian National Shipping and Delivery Companies), Airline Agents and is subject to the applicable provisions specifically for POS Operators.